Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Woo Hoo!

Today has definitely had its ups and downs but I'm happy to say that it has ended on a good note. 

Quattro is seven months old.  Back in February Numero Uno and I went out to eat with some friends and I needed a pair of jeans that were not maternity.  I finally found a pair and was not crazy about how low riding they were but they fit and looked decent, so there!  I bought them.  And have hated, no loathed, them ever since.  I've been longing for the day when they could go.  Well, today my friends is that day. 

Since I got the book "The Happiness Project" from my BFF around April, I missed out on chapters January, February, and March and I'm now going back and reading January since I finished up August early.  January is about decluttering and the author shared how nice it was to clean out her closet.  She let go of the baggage of clutter - "free" clutter,  "one day" clutter, "old" clutter.  Tonight I tackled my closet.  As I went through it I found three pair of non maternity jeans folded over hangers.  I tried each one on and low and behold, two of the three fit!  I believe it is in part due to the fact that I went to a boot camp last night with aforementioned BFF and today the scales said I finally reached the 10 pound loss mark:)  I immediately found the loathed pair of jeans and put them in the give away bag. Yay, me!

There are still a few items hanging in my closet that I hate to part with because I think one day I would like to wear them.  I probably need to just let them go.  I'm torn.  Isn't it hilarious that "I'm torn" over articles of clothing that I have not worn for some time but may possibly wear them in the future?  Aaaahhh! 

On a positive note, I did part with the full "can can" slip that I wore under my wedding dress nine years ago that has moved with me four times and hung in my closet doing nothing:)  Please tell me, why did I hang onto that slip?

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