Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Day Sunshine!

I got my haircut today and the jury is out on whether or not I like it.  I like the fact that it is shorter but I only had enough budgeted for the haircut and not the highlights and I'm thinking the highlights would've really sealed the deal on me lovin' the haircut.  Oh well, sometimes I don't like the cut until I've had a chance to style it myself.

I do not recall me having a snappy tone of voice growing up but once I became a mother I noticed how quick I am to get on edge if the kids mess something up or do not obey as quickly as I'd like.  If??? I mean WHEN.  So, I've really been praying and giving every effort to remain calm with my kids.  I think rest has a lot to do with my response and currently I'm not getting good rest which I believe is related to my lack of nutrition and exercise but that is for another post.

Yesterday was a good day.  I knew what I needed to accomplish, allowed myself plenty of time and reminded myself to LISTEN to my kids and ENJOY them.  And that's exactly what I did.  We spent almost 6 hours in town running errands and they were saints!  How happy I am when I hear them say things like, "yes, ma'am" or "thank you, Mommy".  They fill my heart with happiness and I myself am happy when I act with patience toward them.  I honestly do not remember where I read it but recently I read to try and remember what it was like at your child's particular age and it will give you a sense of calm and understanding.  For yesterday, at least, it worked.

I even went so far as to explain to them how tired I was at the end of our trip and would greatly appreciate their quick obedience because I tend to become frustrated more easily when I'm tired.  And it worked!  By the time we reached Wal-Mart (yes, we even braved Wal-Mart) they were so tired and begged to ride in the BIG buggy which I usually do not use because of its gargantuan size.

We were able to pick up some groceries, school supplies, and teacher gifts for the new year!  Plus grab a bite to eat and me feed Little Man.  I would say it was a good day!  Hope your day was a good one as well.  Any tidbits on how to remain calm when you are running errands with your family?

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