Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Can Happen in a Day...

Last night at this time I smugly took in my surroundings and was pretty pleased with myself.  My house was clean.  The dining room table cleared of any clutter, the dishes were washing in the dishwasher, my children slept peacefully in their beds.

Alas, tonight is not the same.  As I peruse my house, I take in the view of six large tubs of children's clothing scattered across the floor.  The dishes are NOT done and as I type I still hear one child stirring.  Aah, those women who have it all together every night....I am not one of them.  And I have a theory which leads to me to wonder "how exactly do you prove a theory to be true?"  Anyway, my theory... when no one comes over my house, my house is spotless and yet no one sees the clean house.  However, when I am up to my eyeballs in some current task (getting clothes ready for the seasonal sales) then people appear out of nowhere at my front door.  What gives? 

I picked up a couple of plastic lunch totes today and a pack of silicone cupcake forms:)   Look out This Lunch Rox lady cause here I come!  My kids will be super cool and smart and fun and cool and neato and nice and intelligent and cool (did I say cool?) all because they have the cutest lunches packed;)  I'm sure you will readily agree with me, right?

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