Saturday, August 4, 2012

Move Over Pioneer Woman

As I cleaned my kitchen this morning I decided to watch the Food Network.  My interest was peaked as a new show started titled, The Pioneer Woman.  Immediately I liked everything about the show from its setting to her easy recipes to her smile.  She is a country girl with a big family and a farm.  What more could you ask for? 

Her name is Ree, which I love. and she has four kids (same as me):)  Her entire show seemed to embody what my ideal family has been my entire life.  I can remember in elementary school reading Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series and subsequently naming all of my pencils in my pencil box after the children in the book.  As the school day passed, I would create little scenes with my pencils.  The pencils that had been shortened by repeated sharpenings were always the youngest "children".  By my junior year in high school, I had the number of children I wanted determined (seven) and their names planned out as well as a two story farmhouse as the house of choice.  Unfortunately since then I have been unable to convince Numero Uno that Clovis Jedidiah or Elle Bleu are practical names. I have however succeeded in getting some of the family pets named after my "ideal" children's names.  Our first dog together was named Addie Mae. 

The Pioneer Woman's manner of preparing food has such an ease about it I felt like I could replicate her meals.  And I did.  Tonight for dinner I made chicken spaghetti and it was a hit.  In fact, both my children ate it up (Uno being at his mom's this weekend and Quattro being too young to enjoy this food).  Tres has a friend over and her friend said she liked it. Tres called it, "delicious". 

Two things I learned:
1.  Use the broth from the cooked chicken to cook the spaghetti noodles.
2.  Break the noodles into thirds which makes it easier for the kids to eat.  Now, I have always broke my noodles in half but why I have not thought about breaking them into thirds is beyond me. 

We will definitely be putting Chicken Spaghetti on our list of repeats.


  1. I haven't watched her show on Food Network yet, but have followed her blog for some time.

    You'll like it!

    1. Yes, I got on her blog last night and read for a LONG time. Can't believe what all this woman does. I may turn in to that barefoot, butter churnin', homeschoolin' momma yet:)


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