Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Here it is almost midnight and I'm still getting things ready for tomorrow .  I'm so excited for the kids.  They start a new school and all the excitement of something new is what I'm feeling.  I have big plans for our morning routines, our extra curricular routines, their lunches, their snacks, my role as a room mom.  With all these thoughts, it's no wonder it's so late. 

I'm a little bummed I took a hiatus over the last two days from blogging.  And to be honest, it was unintentional.  Friday I had my sister's kids with mine and planned to get some work done here at the house including blogging; however, two of her boys had a scooter accident which left the youngest one with a split ear.  Translation?  Five stitches to the left ear.  Thank the Lord my neighbor is a nurse.  I could feel myself getting queasy just looking at his ear so I had my neighbor look at it to tell me what to do.  So, I ended up loading up five kids to take my nephew to meet my brother-in-law at the local ER.  No time for blogging.  On Saturday for some reason my main focus was organizing my pantry then a birthday party topped off with a family gathering.  The family gathering was so much fun.  I believe I have the funniest family on the planet!  Again, no blogging that night.

I know I should be in bed but am pretty sure I will be up all night with the excitement of a new school year starting.  I realize this giddiness is a little trivial but I remember this feeling every year: when I was in school, college, when I taught school, and now that my kids are in school.  I love that part of the movie "You've Got Mail" when Meg Ryan says she loves a bouquet of pencils.  I feel the same way:)

Now I must go and pack my kiddies snacks:)  Have a great school year!

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