Sunday, October 7, 2012

Laundry Day

Typically I do not have a set Laundry Day.  In fact, I do one load a day to keep the laundry baskets from becoming mountains.  However, I need to play catch up today and was well on my way to achieving that ever illusive status of empty dirty clothes hampers.  Unfortunately I started getting sick and all production has stopped.  My goal was to get clean socks and underwear in drawers before I started hearing, "Mom!  I need some socks!" 

What laundry method works for you?  Like I said, one load a day works for us.  I start with the color clothes from mine and my man's room then the next day it's the whites.  The next basket would be Dos and Tres' hamper followed by Uno and Quattro's then I start all over again.  There is always laundry to do.  Now I have not included doing laundry as any of the kids chores but do you?  At what age did you start your kids washing clothes or have you decided that is a task best kept for yourself?

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