Monday, October 8, 2012

Always Be Prepared

Is it the Boy Scouts whose motto is, "Always be prepared"?  Well ask me what the Cub Scouts motto is and I'm setting on ready with an answer.  "Do your best."  There, bet you didn't think I knew it but whoa, oh, oh, do I.  My family is all about some Cub Scouts right now.  In fact, I think we're part of a cult but don't tell the higher ups in the Boy Scouts of America that I said that because I'm sure they could make it where my son never got a job in his entire life due to my above comment.  Just kidding.  Something in me has to find the humor in whatever we are doing and I LOVE the fact that we're doing Cub Scouts.  Its just some of these people are pretty intense about their Cub Scouts. 
That's neither here nor there.  I really just wanted the chance to use the phrase, "Always be prepared", which is NOT my motto.  I would like for it to be but alas, it is not.  Mine would fall under the motto of "Probably prepared one out of every one hundred attempts at preparedness."  That's a little too lengthy for a business card or a t-shirt so I'll have to limit it to this blog post:)
I am prepared tonight.  I have the kids school clothes ironed and laid out.  I've got notebooks checked and signed.  Lunches and snacks are made and waiting in the fridge. 
I attempted the turkey from "Meet the Dubiens" blog but ended up with what looks like to me a face that has been scared and now has its hair standing on end.  My lunches for my kids are always LOOSE interpretations of what I've seen on other blogs.  Kudos to This Lunch Rox lady and Meet the Dubiens for really good work.


I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I am not scheduled to volunteer at the school; therefore, housework will get some much needed attention.  Typically I take Quattro along for the ride if I am to help out in Dos or Tres' classrooms.  I really like the opportunity to help out.  In fact, I just remembered I have some take home work I need to complete tomorrow for Dos' teacher.  Well, I better run off to bed so I will not wake up late in the morning and ruin the work I did tonight!

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