Monday, January 4, 2010

Order! Order in My Life!

Of course someone with the title of List Maker is definitely going to have some thoughts on the New Year. An innate part of me begs to make resolutions; however, as a majority of people, they are rarely kept. Armed with that knowledge at the end of December I began to ponder what resolutions I would like to make. The usual ran through my mind: lose 20 pounds, keep a cleaner house, teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, blah, blah, blah... But I decided on one, ONE simple task to stick with for the entire year. I will walk my dogs for 15 minutes a day. Genius! It's simple, it's exercise, and it will be great for my dogs!

I should interject here some info about my dogs. We have two dogs and three kids and some days this feels like an insane decision on mine and Numero Uno's part but everyone seems happy. Maybelle is our house dog. She is a tri-colored Malti-Zhu. Weighing in at 7 pounds she is not a big threat but sometimes acts like she can take on the world. Her coat is as soft as a bunny rabbit and her personality is perfect for small children. The kids can torture her and she makes no effort to harm them. Our outside dog, Bama (given a true Alabama fan name right up there next to Bear and Bryant) is an 80 pound yellow lab and is as dumb as an ox! But we love him even down to his hole-digging, firewood-chewing ways.

Back to my one resolution - I can do this. According to one my favorites, Flylady, "You can do anything for 15 minutes". Naturally, as I determined to keep this one resolution I began to think of others I should add: 2. Read the Bible for 15 minutes a day and 3. Blog for 15 minutes a day. Now on paper these three things combined would only total 45 minutes but in reality would probably take close to an hour and a half. Knowing my ability to fail I am unwilling to add the final two to my resolution list for 2010, but in wanting order in my life, I may add them. All three would be good for me but I am in need of knowing how to bring order and making more requirements for me may not be the best way to bring order to my life.

Well I am three minutes past the 15 minute mark on blogging so I have gotta go and make a list of things to do for my day. What are your resolutions? Let me know, I might want to add them to my list:)

-The List Maker

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