Friday, January 8, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Well, today we hit the slopes! Hardly - there are no slopes to hit, but there is 40 acres of farmland. The kids LOVED it! It is so peaceful to see the beautiful flakes flying noiselessly in the air. The pines that surround my parents' place provide a serene backdrop for the snow. I instantly feel I must have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in hand. Little sounds are made by the ducks, dogs, or cattle but the little ones are full of noise once outside. I believe half the fun was getting everyone bundled up for the cold. We are not one of those families that have matching snow suits, mittens, and boggons. Instead, we look like we have robbed a half-way house and are thrilled with our loot:)

While on the subject of our country ways. May I share with you our mode of transportation? An upside down camper bed attached to the back of a John Deere tractor. Ain't nothin' better than bein' a little bit redneck. Dos and Tres didn't last long in the cold so we headed back in but my nephews stayed out long enough to build a snowman.

I love the snow and am thrilled that the babies have cousins to play with and enjoy:)

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