Sunday, January 10, 2010

"What do you Blog about?"

Inevitably, due to the close proximity of family over the past few days, the subject of blogging came up. "So, what do you blog about?" and "What is a blog exactly?" and "What's the difference between blogging, facebook, and my space?"
To sum up a lot of my problems within myself, fear would be an appropriate description. I fear what my family thinks of me, I fear what other people (typically those with more money than me) think, I fear how good my relationship with God is. Fear, fear, fear. Today at church I was blessed by a scripture that was placed in our notes. The passage was from the book of Isaiah and part of it read, " Fear not, for I have redeemed you...I am with you" (emphasis added).
Why does it matter what my family thinks about blogging or what anyone thinks about my blogging. I simply see it as a great outlet and deep down, I enjoy reading other people's blogs. It's a nice window into their life. For example, MckMama's blog, I love it. She has recently shared how some people have bashed her for "exploiting" her children and I am shocked. I never perceived her blog as an exploitation. I believe when some people see others successful at something then they automatically start griping.
As to my family, I know that I do not share all of the same opinions and views as them and I worry that at some point there may be a blog that hits a nerve. But I will take that risk and hopefully let my fears go, realizing that each person is unique and one-of-a-kind.

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