Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red Light...Green Light

In keeping with one of my children's favorite games, I am often feeling that stop then go then stop feeling. If you could have seen me just two days ago you would be privy to the "Red Light" moments of my life. I battle with an obsession to have more children and on the months that I think there is a possibility to be pregnant I am a lunatic obsessing on whether or not a pregnancy test will be positive. Again, the results for this month are a negative and my emotions were LOW. If I could have found a deep hole to be buried in and given the chance to sleep, I would have. Give me 24 hours and I'm fine again. It's crazy. I had difficulty getting pregnant with Dos but once a procedure was done there was no problem. Then Tres came along when Dos was only 20 months old. I assumed having another child would be just that easy. Well with the family going on its first ever trip to Disney World in October 2010 all planning of more babies is put on hold until after the trip. This means that IF I were to get pregnant after the trip then Tres and this next baby would be 4 years apart! To say I am disappointed and frustrated would be accurate. Please understand, I realize that my life is really great and I am blessed beyond words. I just thought things would play out differently than they have but then again isn't that life in general?

On to more fun topics...pictures of my babies! Numero Uno's parents were gracious enough to allow us to use their camper and stay in Gatlinburg last week. Uno wasn't able to go with us but we still had an enjoyable time. The weather was cold but the sky on Tuesday was crystal clear and a beautiful blue. We went up into the Smoky Mountain National Park and the kids had a blast when we stopped at a nature trail to let them play in the snow! I absolutely enjoy nature trails and historical sites and playing with the "Tourist Attraction" site on our GPS so I plugged into Arch Rock and that is where we headed. Unfortunately the cold, snow, and ice kept us from going all the way to the rock but it didn't matter cause the kids were content with just the snow. A quaint little foot bridge took us over the river. The bridge had a lot of ice on it so we had to hold on tight to Little Missy:) I thought the pictures turned out cute.
That night we were able to walk around downtown Gatlinburg and do some of our usual favorite things like stop by the Ole Smoky Candy Shoppe and watch taffy being made even though I can not stand the taste of taffy. The kids loved it! There's also a store called Kilwin's that I enjoy stopping by. They make fudge in front of you and it is fun to watch the maker's steady hands move with little thought as to what actions are being performed since they are second nature. Just about as exciting as the shops are to me, so are the people. I'm not sure why but there is always a ton of foreigners in Gatlinburg. You hear the noise of the cars driving by, salesmen shouting out their deals, and many, many different languages being spoken at the same time. I grew up in the Smokies so I've never understood the draw to Gatlinburg and when I lived there rarely did I ever go. Now that I live in Alabama, I've been to Gatlinburg more than ever:) My BFF hooked me up with a great website that offers vacation deals to Gatlinburg for half price so we are heading back in February. Check out http://cmkxs.yourmainstreetdeals.com/index.php?index_type=home I was thankful for the opportunity to go last week because all the Christmas lights were still up. Well, off to a new day!

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