Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Earrings and Pigtails

When I was expecting Tres, our only girl, the discussion of earrings came up. Numero Uno felt like she should ask for earrings instead of us having them put in when she was a baby. In my mind I thought she would be around seven or older before making such a request because I was seven when I got earrings. Actually at that age an aunt of mine agreed to pay for the earrings as a birthday gift. Anyway, I want Tres to have earrings I had just settled on the reality of it happening later in life. Well, I should never underestimate the "girliness" of our little girl:) On our way home from church Sunday night this is what I hear:

"I wanna be big wike you Mama."

[Me]: "What dear?"

"I wanna be big wike you and get earwings!"

[Me]: "What? [realization of her comment] Oh, I'm so excited! Yeah!"

[Numero Uno] : "How long have y'all been practicing that line?"

[Me]: "We haven't , I promise but I'm so excited cause now she can have 'earwings'!"

So her Daddy has agreed that once she turns three and can go potty all by herself, she will get some earrings. I can hardly wait.

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