Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

No, I did not get up this morning and rush out the door without my hair washed. No, my hair was not one big greasy mess stuck to my head. No, I did not take the kids to the local indoor pool and get said greasy hair wet then load the kids back into the vehicle to drop them off with their dear dad so I could go and help serve my "Hot Lunch" duty at Dos' school (with my hair in the shape it was in). And, no, I did not leave the house looking like pigs lived in it while I went swimming and lunch serving - No, Not Me!

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  1. This is Hannah Sparks from the mom's group :) loved your 'not me monday'! I haven't started adding them to my blog, but will soon! I'm a dedicated blog follower, I'll be reading every post:)


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