Monday, April 12, 2010

May the Force Be with You

"You were my brother, Anakin, but I will not help you"...this coming from my imaginative four year old who informs me that he is Obi Won Kenobi.  Thus is our daily life since Christmas.  Dos has an amazing memory to recall every Empire battle scene and the ability to recall the entire Jedi roster.  Along with the Star Wars lingo there is certain key weapons that must be carried around daily: a lightsaber or lifesaver or lightsafer whichever we decide to call it on that particular day; "gate" guns; droid guns, and/or bounty hunter guns.  These pieces are usually worn stuffed down the front of his pants since he does not have a gun or lightsaber holster.  These memories will be shared with future girlfriends:)

We have returned from camping and really had  wonderful time.  I highly recommend Tannehill!  I have also completed ways 3 - 5 on my 30 day pact. 
Way #3:  Complimented Numero Uno on being able to fix anything. The lights that were to go across our camper awning sagged in the middle.  He created a hook to hold up the middle which fit inside the awning bar.  Yay!
Way #4:  I apologized to Numero Uno for being unappreciative and unsupportive to him.  I was being my typical self and coldly reactive to him when he does not do what I want or think he should do.  He said something to me yesterday that translated into: "You're so stupid for doing that!"  At least that is what his comment felt like to me.  As harsh and as painful as the moment was, I - in hindsite - am glad for the experience.  It gave me pause to realize that there are times when my comments or eye rolls or loud sighs convey the same thing: "You're so stupid for doing that!"  I got the chance to feel what my comments or gestures feel like and I'm all the wiser.
Way #5:  I made a cup of coffee for him - the way he likes it fixed.  Plus I made him breakfast: bacon, eggs, and toast.  I think it got our day off to a great start and when he went to work the whole family cheered, "Bye, Super Dad!"

I know life is not perfect and Numero Uno and I both have FAULTS but being positive sure beats the heck out of the alternative.  I've been down that road too often. 

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