Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden 2010

Well, I've done two things today: work in the garden and cut coupons.  Those two tasks took up my entire day.  One would think that I'd be tired but of course on days when I feel like I get a lot done I can not get my brain to calm down to rest. 

A lot of what I wanted in my garden was planted today.  I am so excited!  This year we did raised beds.  Thanks to the gardening course I took with Joshua and Beth Haynes at Birdsong Community Farm I learned the value of a no-till garden.  Honestly, there is more plants in this years garden then last year's even though I cut off about two feet from each of my rows.  The reason is now I have four - five by eight feet beds and the plants are not spaced apart by walkways - they are side by side.  My walkways are down the middle of the entire garden.  Not sure what you can tell by the pictures.

Now for my list - Garden 2010:
1.  Carrots
2.  Ruby Red Lettuce
3.  Iceburg Lettuce
4.  Potatoes
5.  Marigolds
6.  Cilantro
7.  Dill
8.  Basil
9.  Eggplant
10.  Zucchinni
11.  Summer Squash
12.  Winter Squash
13.  Okra
14.  Marketmore Cucumbers
15.  Straight Eight Cucumbers
16.  Blue Lake Pole Beans
17.  Corn
18.  Sunflowers
19.  Sweet Potatoes
20.  Sweet Peppers
21.  Bell Peppers
22.  Yellow Onions
23.  Red Onions
24.  Watermelon
25.  Cantelope
26.  Tomatoes

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