Wednesday, April 14, 2010


And the winner to my first ever give away is... Nikki!  She posted correctly - potatoes!  The green leaves you see are in fact the beginnings of my potato plants.  This find was very exciting for me because I was afraid the raised beds that we tried this year were not providing enough soil for the potatoes.  I was wrong!

So, what, you may ask is the prize for the smarty pants Nikki?  She is the proud owner of a $10 Gift Certificate to Birdsong Community FarmIf you have not heard me rave about Birdsong Community Farm then let me take the opportunity.  This is a local, truly organic farm which is run by FANTASTIC people - Joshua and Beth Haynes.  Their goal is to keep their farm natural and the earth sustainable.  They do a great job of informing the community of their work and assisting the community in gaining knowledge of a sustainable gardening environment.  The Haynes have a booth at Cullman's Farmer's Market which is also another wonderful experience:)  The Farmer's Market will be opening up on Saturdays starting this Saturday and the Strawberry Festival will be May 14 and 15.  There is usually a 5K run that Saturday morning for anyone interested. 

Now that I am pumped about my garden, I will post later about my Garden List which I know you all will be hanging by a thread til I post again:)

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