Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Will Overcome

I am a failure!  I always run late.  I am a failure at getting my family anywhere on time.  My waistband is so tight my skirt may explode off of my body!  I am a failure at losing weight. I am upset at Numero Uno yet again.  I am a failure as a wife.  My kids have annoyed me yet again.  I am a failure as a mother. 

All this ran through my mind on our way to church this evening - Easter service and I felt like being a different person for the event.  However, praise God ( I do not care how holy roller I sound) PRAISE GOD, He had a message for me.  I will overcome by His blood and the words of my testimony.  The power that RAISED Christ from the dead is alive in me.  For those of you that know me and know my faults, know this, I will overcome.  You may not see it but I believe and know that Christ will make me a victor.  I struggle, I falter in my faith, but I know in my heart there is victory in Christ.  What sweet relief.

We have been egg hunting all week and tomorrow will be our last egg hunt of the season.  Tomorrow's egg hunt will be at my mother and father's house.  I love having these events for the kids.  I really enjoy getting ready.  I have all of our kids' Easter baskets ready to set out for the morning, I've been stuffing eggs for the hunt, and have to make chocolate pies for tomorrow's lunch.  It will be a good time.  Since we went to church tonight, we are going to sleep late tomorrow, have a big breakfast just the 5 of us then we are going to take pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.  It has been a long time since I have taken formal pictures of the kids.  We will take them at Sacred Heart convent and I'm excited.  It is such a beautiful setting.  I hope all three kids will cooperate.

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