Saturday, April 10, 2010

30 Days - 30 Ways

MOMS group is doing a study called For Women Only.  I'm really enjoying it and the group has made a pact to take the next 30 days to show our husbands positive support.  So, I'm two days in.  I'm hoping this will be easy for me because honestly, my man is awesome.  I am constantly amazed at what a wonderful person he is. 

Way #1:  I took the time to write Numero Uno a love letter.  In the letter, I expressed how pleasurable it is to be in a happy marriage.  Later in the day he thanked me:)  Okay, I just reread that sentence and it sounds suggestive.  I simply meant he took the time to tell me thank you.

Way #2:  I shared with him that I was 100% appreciative of the decision he made to purchase a camper.  This was a big deal considering I originally did not think it was a wise purchase; however, we have only used it twice and it is difficult to convey exactly how it brings our family together but it does!  Numero Uno loves this camper and the whole process of maintaining it and preparing for and planning out trips.  Camping forces our family in a good way to spend every waking moment together and I'm telling you for the age our kids are - this is perfect!  We are literally building memories our kids will not soon forget. 

We are in Tannehill Historical State Park and the weather could not be any better!  We spent the day walking, riding bikes, and cruising around the park looking at all of the old buildings.  This place is amazing!  The setting is beautiful.  There is a beautiful creek that runs throughout the park, an old Grist Mill, and tomorrow we are going to the old Iron Mill.  Uno loves it here, he is such the boy, ready to dig in the mud/dirt, ride his bike through the creek, and wants to explore EVERYTHING!  He also is very funny.  I really enjoyed talking with him tonight. 

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