Friday, March 12, 2010

Roughin' It!

It's gonna be hit or miss with my blogging because we are camping at Smith Lake Park this weekend. We will be in and out of the house (since the park is nearby & Dos has soccer evaluations this weekend) and I really didn't want to bring the laptop.

This morning we awoke to a storm and hearing the rain hit the camper top and thunder screaming all the while watching lightening strike was a little unsettling. Oh, and the awning on the camper blew over the top and Numero Uno had to get out in the rain to re-attach it. If this is any indicator of the remainder of our weekend, I'm uncertain if I want to stay.

The kids love the camper and honestly, I do to. It is nothing new or fancy, but it is like playing house when I was a kid. You have a small space and you want to keep it just so. Oh well, such the prissy girl:)


  1. love it! We are planning to go camping soon! So much fun! Is that your camper or did you borrow it?

  2. It's ours. We just got it a couple of weeks ago. Where are y'all going camping?


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