Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day in the Life Of...

Thursdays are my absolute favorite days!  I was born on a Thursday.  Is that why I consider it SO special? or is it because Thursdays are our absolute busiest day of the week?  Call me crazy but I love that business having to move from one activity to the next - it's exciting, fast paced.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I like everyday busy - just Thursdays.  I can handle Thursdays. 

Today I actually got out of bed on time and got Dos to school on time AND turned in my Golf and Walk packets that were addressed ( look for Go for the Green info).  Feeling very happy with my simple accomplishment, I then proceded to get Tres to MOMS group on time! 

Tres has really been crackin me up here lately.  I don't know where she has learned it but she is singing "praise" songs while riding in the car.  I loosely use the term praise in there because she simply throws the words "praise God" randomly in her tunes.  It is precious!  If only you could see the whole production.  She tells me we must "sing from the heart, like this" and then places her hands over her heart while scrunching her eyes into a very serious look.  She then will tell me to say "praise God" and we lift our hands up to the ceiling of the Yukon.  Has she learned to praise God from me?  I would hope so but I have never put my hands over my heart like she is doing.  Every night since the birth of my children I sing to them.  I am completely embarassed to sing in public and for some reason my singing when I'm by myself sounds way better then when I'm singing with the crowd at church:)  Anyway, I have sung to them songs like "Baby Mine", "You are My Sunshine", "Something Beautiful", and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yes to Va-Va-Va - VBS".  Oh yes, that last one was sang every single night just before bedtime during the summer of 2009.  Those moments when I hold my children close or stroke their hair or dance with them to the VBS songs are what make being a mother absolutely great and the most wonderful blessing.  I am no fool.  I am not naive.  I realize that not all mothering moments are this beautiful (you should've been at my house tonight when it took Tres an hour of whining before she would go to sleep - NOT a pretty scene).  Back to the praising God in worship through song, I will say that attending Daystar ( has helped me loosen up to respond in a spirit of worship one that spills over into my everyday life not just Sunday mornings. 

So, it is again late but I have done some house work so I'm happy with myself.  Two things I have on my latest list:  1.  Figure out how to play the coupon game to get cheap groceries.  2.  Find a good book to read, any suggestions?

Good Night,
The List Maker

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