Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Blessed Life

Not sure how much I posted in the past about the health problems I have had this year. Actually from December [Feel the need to insert here that Tres just asked me if she wanted her to "make you a list, Momma?" Love it! How well my children know me.] to February I felt "broken". I was getting little sleep, having digestive problems, my face broke out each month (which had never happened before) I found that weird considering my age, my wrists and ankles hurt on a daily basis, and I was crying over nonsensical stuff. I heard from a friend about a cleanse and wondered if that might be what I needed to do. Also, I heard about taking a saliva test to look at my hormone levels. I chose the saliva test (which is a pretty nasty experience, but I'll save the details) and visited Specialty Pharmacy to get the test. The pharmicist told me that 95% of my symptoms sounded like low progesterone. When I got my test results back from the lab, my progesterone was low - 38. The minimum numbers for progesterone are supposed to be 75. So, what have I been doing to help this? 1. I am taking Relora which is a herbal supplement to combat stress/anxiety. 2. I am on a 3% progesterone cream which is to be used on days 12 - 26 of my cycle. and 3. I have switched my facial wash to Mary Kay Timewise for combination to oily skin. The results? I am still struggling some nights with lack of sleep but my weepyness has disappeared, my face is clear, and my joints do not hurt as long as I am using the progesterone cream. I am only two months into these changes so I will have to continue to monitor my progress. However, I will say that one big help very recently has been me counting my calories. I could not receive a peace about undergoing a cleanse. That may sound weird to some, but I wanted something that will work for me. So far, I have lost 5 and half pounds! I do feel better when I am losing weight. I do have some lofty weight loss goals but me and Numero Uno have pledged to train for an upcoming 5K and the excersise is also helping me.

The Blessed Life part comes in feeling like I am seeing a light at the end of a four month dark tunnel. This tunnel affected every aspect of my life and I'm thankful for the upturn.

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