Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friday Weigh-In #2

I tried to post this yesterday ( I was just way too tired Friday) but there was problems with the site.  So, here I am today. 
I weighed Friday and my weight was 165.8.  Yes, yes I did gain two pounds not lose two pounds like I had hoped.  Welcome to my life of trying to lose weight.  Now, no matter how down I can get about the gain, I'm still holding on to the belief that this time will be different.  I am determined to stay the course and lose the weight I have set out to.  I just may post the good, the bad, and the ugly along the way:)
To recap the last week, I'll look at the pros and the cons. 
1.  I exercised 6 out of seven days.
2.  I did log my eating on MyFitnessPal each day.
1.  I went over my calorie limit 5 out of 7 days.
2.  I refuse to eat healthy food which obviously is detrimental to weight loss.  There's something in me that would rather starve to the point where I eat everything in sight instead of pick up the carrot and eat it. 
So, for this week my goal is to stay within my calorie limit each day.  I don't think I'll set a pound goal. (I probably will I can't seem to get away from wanting to see the numbers change)  Okay, so what do we think of a three pound loss?  Or should I stay with two?


  1. It can't possibly help that your bf served lasagna, homemade bread & dessert to you when you're really trying to watch your intake :( Will do better next time!


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