Monday, January 14, 2013

A Plan

I have a bad habit of becoming excited about a task and jumping in it in the middle.  I somehow bypass the beginning, forget the labor of the finish, and get knee deep in whatever the task may be.  Today, the task is closet and pantry organization.  I spent the afternoon organizing the kids' closet.  From the pictures it may not looked organized to you but trust me this is a LARGE improvement from the former state of the closet.

Now, I am attacking my pantry.  As you know I have stumbled upon the Bowl Full of Lemons site and am following her 14 week decluttering program.  Week #1 was the kitchen, Week #2 was the garage, and Week #3 is the pantry.  I think I may be done with the pantry tonight so I will see what this week will hold for me.  However, I'm big talk right now considering the contents of my pantry are currently strewn across my entire kitchen. 

...well, I couldn't post my pics last night so I finally googled the problem and fixed it today!  And I did finish the pantry and am excited to tackle Quattro's closet today.  Here's the pantry:
Everything displayed all over my kitchen.
I cleaned each shelf and swept the floor.
Ta da!  Finished product.
For me, the best piece of advice I gleaned from A Bowl Full of Lemons was to take all the empty bins and storage containers I had available and display them on the counter. Although the image is a little blurry, you can see my empty storage container across the top of my cabinet counter.  As I cleaned out my pantry I created a list of categories in my pantry then matched those categories with available storage bins.  Now I did not put everything in a container like she does but what I did helped streamline and sort my available food supply.
Now that I have figured out my Blogger problem and organized the pantry and closet, I must now tackle the rest of the day!

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