Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, What Fun It Is To Ride...

and what a ride it is! Christmas preparation, participation, and enjoyment is in full swing. I took the kids pictures this weekend and of course it is rare that all three are smiling but I still have the memories:) We had a fantastic weekend with Uno and it was a busy one. Our area actually had its first snow - well, "dusting". We ran out to get the kids pics in it but little missy wouldn't have any of it.

I had envisioned these three perfect children smiling perfectly and everyone who saw the pictures to be in agreement that all was "perfect". No, that is not how it worked out.

Much like everything else in life, imperfection and frustration crept in. At the end of the day (after two hours online trying to find the exact Christmas card and placing the correct order), I was able to say I had completed my task written on the day's list of To Do's. We'll see how the Christmas cards are received (hopefully with oohs and aaahs). Here are some of my favorite shots:

All three kids got along great this weekend and that meant the most to me and Numero Uno. His work Christmas party was yesterday. His work does a great job of trying to make this a wonderful family event. I look forward to getting back the family pictures taken there. His company hires a photographer for the event and each family can have its picture made.
Well today was an exceptionally productive day so I better head to bed so tomorrow will be also:)
-The List Maker

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