Saturday, November 17, 2012

Alabama Saturdays

Ah, Saturday, sweet Saturday.  This may just be the best Saturday I've ever had.  Let's recap:
1.  Slept late and awoke to breakfast made by my wonderful man. 
2. Was able to watch my "stories" ( The Pioneer Woman) while sipping coffee - yum!  By the way, she did her Thanksgiving show and I LOVED IT!
3.  I got completely dressed make up and all while my man took the kids on some errands.
4.  Cleaned my house and folded AND put away ALL laundry.  The all caps lets you know just how amazing this feat was.
5.  Shopped for seats to go in the toy room but instead bought these babies which will go beautifully with my curtains I'm making:)

(I already had the solid orange pillows, I purchased the floral pillows this evening at TJ Maxx.  This color palate matches the color palate of the Waverly material I had wanted to purchase but was way too expensive.  I got a good deal on these at the Maxx)
6.  My little girl went with me shopping:)
7.  My man made homemade chili (recipe compliments of Pioneer Woman).
8.  We watched the Alabama game.
9.  We had Family Game Night where every member of the family's name gets put into a bowl and a name is drawn one at a time.  Whoever's name is drawn selects the game that will be played and EVERYONE must participate.  We set a time limit of 20 minutes per game since there are five of us (little man doesn't count yet).  I picked Just Dance 3 and let it be known, I kicked butt!! 

Best day ever!

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