Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 3 - Crash and Burn

You guessed it - I failed miserably today. 
It all started at lunch time.  I went to my gynecologist today, my yearly check-up.  I had spoke with Numero Uno before about wanting to ask the doctor about why I have not gotten pregnant over the last three years since we don't do birth control.  I felt like me even asking that was pretty self-explanatory: I want to have another child.  He said yes ask about what's going on.  So today I asked the doctor and he wants to do lab work.  I relayed the message to Numero Uno and his response was not what I wanted.  He turned into a man.  He said he was happy with the age our kids are now and really didn't want to have anymore children.  My heart was crushed.  I found my comfort in the bottom of a Jack's fast food bag along with a tall Dr. Pepper.  That was just the start.  Two fun size Butterfingers, a Grapico, and three cookies later, my diet is not detoxed.
Numero Uno and I will resolve this issue, life will go on, we will be fine.  The unpleasant reality is we differ on something I hold dear to my heart.  He has since told me he would agree to one more.  My heart did not soar since I felt like we were reaching a business agreement instead of loving decisions to expand our family. 
Life will go on.  Tomorrow is Day 4.  I will start again.

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