Monday, October 26, 2009

Shhh...Did you hear something?

What you hear is the sound of seven boys screaming, running, yelling, and wrestling on a 30 acre farm! Uno celebrated his 9th birthday in Camp Out style. I can not believe he is nine. I can still see his cute chubby cheeks and his mischievous grin. He has lost the chubby cheeks but still has the same grin. It's more of a twinkle in his eyes which he shares this common characteristic with his Daddy and his sis:)

We partied Saturday night at Granny and Pawpaw's. The boys ages ranged from 6 to 10 (not including Dos who got to tag along for a short time) and surprisingly they all got along great. Uno got to pick his guest list and thankfully each one was able to come. I picked up the cake which was a hunting theme as requested, got the burgers and dawgs that were grilled, wrapped all the presents that came from us and grandparents, and yet I still forgot to take pictures of the cake. This is what I have.
Yeah, better Moms have come before me and I am sure there will be more to follow:) Uno had given me a list of "wants" and we tried our best to provide. He really did get some good stuff. He asked for a Nerf Dart Tag gun and Bruder toys. Let me just say if you have never viewed Bruder toys for your boy(s), do so! They are great and detailed. Uno has always and I mean always been fascinated with construction equipment. I mean the real deal stuff. I remember when he was 4 or 5 asking Numero Uno if he could get a dump truck (the real thing like you see at a construction site) when we got "rich". Every year I would think his likes would change and every year they have remained. Last year Nana and Pop got him a cement truck. So far he has a bob cat, a fork lift, a utilities truck, and now a crane and a cement roller. The look on his face conveys how he feels about Bruder toys:) Numero Uno and I took Dos and Tres present shopping Friday to help pick out big brother's gifts. We found Smith's Variety Shop in Mountain Brook Village ( and we loved it! The cutest store with lots of great gift ideas. I have already vowed to come back for some Christmas shopping and all their gift wrapping is free!

Here are some last highlights of the fun-filled birthday party:) Here's to another year with an amazing boy.

-The List Maker

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