Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Draw a Crowd

I wrote that title as if I know the answer to that dilemma, which is what it is right now. A dilemma. In less than 3 (count them) weeks I will be in charge of the first ever Holiday Auction for Cullman Christian School in which 250 people are to be in attendance and right now I have only 75 tickets sold. Ouch!! So, how do I draw a crowd? I mean the food is going to be great, the entertainment just right , and all of our volunteers have been busting our behinds to get great stuff donated and we've done it. Now, we just have to get warm bodies in the seats. Incentive levels have been given out to kids but it doesn't seem to be working. The crazy thing is that if each of our students would only sale two tickets a piece we would meet our quota.

Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions. Preferably in a "Step 1,2,3" format:)

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