Saturday, January 15, 2011


Gonna give a little shout out to the Lord for a couple of things. #1.  Thank the Lord Numero Uno and I have been doing the budget thing for the past two paychecks because we actually had an emergency today and had it not been for sticking to a budget we would have been up you-know-what creek.  Dos went to Urgent Care this morning and then was sent on to Children's Hospital emergency room.  We had a little cushion to absorb the unexpected cost.  Don't get me wrong, we are blessed with insurance.  The budget came in handy when it came to the extra cost of fuel to drive all over God's green earth and the unexpected food expenses for being away from home ALL DAY LONG.  #2.  As of right now, nothing major is wrong with Dos.  Although I do not fully buy into the doctor's diagnosis, I am thankful for no biggies.  THANK YOU LORD!!
Okay, so here is the low down and feel free to give input because like I said I did not buy into the doctor's explanation:
For three weeks Dos has been having BAD gas - I mean BAD.  At first I thought, "he's a boy, he thinks this is funny, this will hopefully tone down"; however, he started going to the bathroom all the time, having accidents in his pants, and his stomach has become extremely distended.  After a couple of extended family members on two separate occasions asked me if he had been to see the doctor I decided it was time to take him.  Now, for some of you, you may think, "why didn't you take him earlier?"  I didn't want to be the mom that had to explain to the doc that I thought my son farted too much!  Anyway, at urgent care the doctor did an x-ray because upon seeing Dos' belly he was immediately concerned.  After the x-ray the doctor told me that if Dos was his son, he would take him to Children's because he saw something on x-ray.  Okay, as a parent, that was a horrible feeling to feel like in a moment our whole world and routines and existence could change.  If someone had privy to my conversations with God on the way to Children's Hospital, they would have heard: "God, please, I don't want this.  Please do not pick my family as the "good example" of believing in You, let us continue on in life with our heads down and our noses out of trouble.  Please God, I'd give anything to keep my children healthy."  I'm sure I'm not conveying accurately that I did realize that this whole situation could be no big deal but in a moment when you feel like, "what if everything is NOT okay?" it's a horrible feeling.  I kept thinking, "I don't want to be here.  I don't want to be here."
So... we get to Children's.  Again, the ER doc immediately comments on the size of Dos' abdomen and views the x-rays that were sent to her from Cullman.  As she is asking questions and feeling his stomach, he swallows, and Numero Uno comments that Dos does that all the time and ask if the two things are related?  Then the doctor tells us she does not think we need to do any further invasive procedures but put him on Mylicon and follow up with his regular doctor.  Now, let me interject here that this doctor was extremely nice but I do want to say..."WHAT???"  Mylicon is going to cure all of his problems?  His bowel movements have ranged from regular to diahhrea to down right nasty.  How can swallowing air by his swallowing habit cause all of his bowel problems?  Don't get me wrong, I am ECSTATIC that nothing major was wrong, it's just that her explanation makes NO sense to me.  She did go on to say that her primary concern was to rule out any emergency situation.
We are currently giving him Mylicon every two hours and will follow up with a doctor appointment on Tuesday.


  1. Thankful it's turned out as well as it has. Time will tell. Maybe I need to get Jason some of that Mylicon :)

  2. Jason could probably benefit from some:)


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