Thursday, August 13, 2009


Little Miss looked too cute in her "shades". I hated that she had to have her eyes dilated.

Here is Dos after a day of school. He is so tired but in a good way. He was able to tell me about all he did today including drawing a "beautiful picture for Mama".

As I noted earlier, Dos, started preschool this week. He only attends two days a week but I'm tellin' ya - it's killing me! My baby is almost 4! I know that they say time passes quickly and us Moms have got to let our kids go, I just thought they meant middle or high school. But preschool? My heart hurts when he leaves. I've even considered homeschooling which if you knew me that would be nothing short of a miracle. But then I see how happy he has been to go to school. Tuesday, his first day, he didn't even hug me goodbye. He just took off to his class line and then with the cutest smile gave me a goodbye wave as if to say,"Seriously you need to leave now".

Meanwhile, my list for today I thought was fairly straightforward but man did time fly. Before I knew it, I was again waiting in the pick up line for Dos. Today I got to take Tres to the eye doctor, Dr. Paula Robinson, from Dr. Jill Meyer and Associates. Dr. Robinson looked to see if my little girl has RP which is a degerative eye disease on my husband's side. Good news is her eyes look great! The bad news is this disease does not usually exhibit itself until later in life.

One more thing has been added to my "To Do's": Room Mom for Dos's class. Now before you think, "oh man, that stinks" I wanted this position. I love this kind of stuff! My joy right now is getting to laminate and cut out letter and number flash cards. Thankfully I do not have to have them turned in til next week because I believe it will take me that long to get all 1500 (that's right 1500) of them completed:)

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