Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The List Maker

I am a list maker - always have been, always will be. There is something in my nature that absolutely loves the sight of a good list, including the beautiful numbers that signify in what order each task is to be completed. Even more beautiful is when I can take my pen and cross off a completed task!

Being a wife and mom, a list is crucial to my well-being and success. So WHO makes my list? Numero Uno is my wonderful husband. He is the calm one who makes my life sane. As far as children go: Uno is my 8 year old stepson who is a handsome, very caring with a twinkle-in-his-eye THIRD GRADER! Duos is my 3 year old son who just started preschool this week (that is a WHOLE other blog), and Tres is my 2 year old daughter who right now is still not a sleep in her bed even though I have already sang, "Something Beautiful" and "Baby Mine".

For my overall Life List: 1. Grow old with Numero Uno.

2. Have seven children.

3. Travel to Italy and Greece.

4. Not allow mean people to hinder my life.

5. Be kind and loving to my family.

6. Write a book.

So, I seriously doubt #2 or #6 will ever take place but for some reason I would like them to.

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