Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Day

Here I am with my little girl sitting at the kitchen counter. We are blanching green beans and counting "1,2,3" over and over. We are visiting a new church, Daystar.
I have been raised Baptist my whole life so in beginning to visit this church my guard was way up. I still have my guard up a little because I want to make certain this is the church my family and I are supposed to be at. I will say that during church service today, Numero Uno, participated the most I've ever seen him participate in a church service. This church seems amazing and a source of hope for me right now. We had one more church on my "list" to visit but we feel so comfortable here that I think we'll stay for now.
I am so tired right now and yet there is still a list of To Do's:
1. Fold Laundry
2. Put up laundry
3. Cook supper.
4. Bathe kids.
5. Continue to cut out letter and number cards for the K3 class.
6. Plan out Tuesday's Volunteer Kick-Off party (did I mention I'm heading up a Holiday Auction for Cullman Christian School?)

I am getting my second round of squash and zucchini coming in. I still have tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, watermelons, and green beans making. In my next garden, I don't believe I will plant as many cucumbers as I did this year.

Since Numero Uno is taking Uno back to his mother, me and Dos and Tres are chillin' out here at the house. I love Sunday afternoons. Now, if I can only find the motivation to complete today's list:)

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