Friday, September 4, 2009


I got hooked to reading a couple of blogs. One is which I love! And the other is . A couple of things I like about thei's is they have a list of all the blogs they have sited or viewed recently to the right or left of their blog. How do they do that? I had envisioned that I would have my blog posted daily but that hasn't happened yet. I feel like I'm supposed to have a picture in each post but again that hasn't happened yet.

Dos and Tres are playing with their Power Rangers and Barbies on the back porch. I got both groups of toys at the Cullman Kids' Mart. In fact, most of the kids' stuff comes from the kids' consignment sales. My favorite one is Wee Swap ( which is an upscale resale group.

Uno gets his first progress report today and I'm curious to see how he did.

Numero Uno and I are going to watch the Alabama game at his sister's house tomorrow night without children! I could care less about seeing the game, it's the idea that he and I will have a somewhat date night that I'm looking forward to.

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