Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am in panic over this Holiday Auction. What if I'm not doing it right? What if I fail? Aren't those always my thoughts when I take on a project or a new task? Is is these thoughts that sabotage my success or are they whispered truths to keep me RUNNING toward success? Either way, I am meeting with the Marketing Coordinator tomorrow and maybe I will walk away with a sense of ease.

It has not been helpful that me and Tres have been sick for the first half of the week. Also, Numero Uno's direct deposit was messed up and his company in order to correct the error had to take the entire paycheck out of our account and will not be able to reimburse us til Monday. Aaahh! and Dos has decided today is not a good day to take a nap even though I was SO looking forward to nap time since I only got two hours sleep last night. Oh well, I guess we will all have an early bedtime tonight:)

There are friends of mine that are extremely detailed in their planning and I am very impressed with their work. One of my friends is the leader of our prayer group. She takes the time each week to type out each girl's prayer request on cute stationary in cute font and delivers it each week. Now, me? I'm the girl that is the visionary not the detailist. You would think I would be since I have such a love for lists. I mean, there is no piece of art more beautiful to me than a well laid out monthly calendar hanging for all the family to see:) Okay, slight exaggeration, but I do love a well planned calendar. So, what's my solution? I'm going to contact my detailed friend and set up a meeting time that she can help me detail out this Auction. Yeah!

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